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Flow Rite Painting Inc. is a Veteran-Owned Business

Serving San Diego Homeowners and Businesses!

Serving homeowners and businesses with high quality painting services since 2003. Owned and run by two brothers, Flow Rite Painting Inc. is dedicated to providing high-quality long lasting painting and coatings for homes, commercial businesses, storefronts, strip malls, office spaces and assisted living communites.

The history of the company begins in 2003. We began our first painting contracting firm by the name of Stellar Painting LLC. Most of the business was conducted in greater Phoenix and the surrounding communities. In this location we began painting predominantly residential properties, but later slowly began painting strip mall interiors, and a series of Wendy's restaurants...

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Interior & Exterior Painting of single-and two-story homes across San Diego typically in the 500k to 2mil valuation.

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Strip Malls

Primarily Interior Painting of strip mall businesses with a floor square footage of 5,000 either during or after normal business hours.

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Office Spaces

Interior Painting of office spaces with a floor square footage of 3,500 improving the experience of employees and customers alike!

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Assisted Living

From a few rooms to a recurring paint schedule that enables your staff to quickly respond to room turns without those frantic last-minute paint requests!

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Meet the Thompson Brothers : President & Vice President of Flow Rite Painting Inc

CEO, President & Job Foreman - Quincy Thompson
Veteran of the US Army, Painting Contractor license holder, Paint specialist (color matching and mixing), 25yrs+ painting trade experience.

Vice President, Secretary & Treasurer - Hezkiah "Hez" Thompson Jr
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration, Minor in Information Technology, Worked as a Facilities Manager for the Federal Government for 12yrs, 7yrs painting trade experience.

Meet the Thompson Brothers

The history of the company begins in 2003 with our first painting contracting firm, Stellar Painting LLC. Most of the business was conducted in greater Phoenix and the surrounding communities. We began painting predominantly residential properties, but later began painting strip mall interiors and a series of Wendy's restaurants. By our third year, the housing crisis began to hit (~2006), and since 70% of our sales were residential, this was a blow to the company that we just could not recover from.

But now, we are highly-motivated as we begin a new chapter with Flow Rite Painting Inc. We are more familiar with the San Diego area (vs Phoenix) where we and our family have lived for over 40 years! This is the ideal location for us to make a new start.

We are clean, thorough, punctual, and prompt.

Proud Member of La Mesa Chamber of Commerce.

Our Painting Services

Residential Homes

Interior & Exterior Painting
High Quality
Single- and Two-Story Homes
500k to 2mil valuation

We paint single-and two-story homes with surfaces constructed of wood, gypsum board, plaster, masonry, stucco, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. When necessary, primers are used prior to painting for its adhesion (bonding), and surface stain blocking qualities. Stain blockers are used to prevent any unwanted materials from bleeding into and through the new paint color (tanning). We have extensive knowledge of oil and water-based paints, primers, lacquers, and varnishes.

Strip Malls and Office Spaces

Interior & Exterior Painting
High Quality
Strip mall businesses with a floor square footage of 5,000
Office spaces with a floor square footage of 3,500
During or after normal business hours

We offer our painting services during or after normal business hours. This flexible work schedule enables your company to conduct its normal business operations without any major disruption. This would be ideal for your business owners, your employees, and most importantly your customers. Flow Rite Paintings employees undergo a background check when hired.

Assisted Living Communities

We are proud to offer our painting services specifically to Assistant Living Communities from just a few rooms to being on a recurring paint schedule!

This recurring paint schedule would enable your facility staff to quickly respond to room turns without those frantic last-minute paint requests, just to find out that every painting contractor is booked months out. Along with this maintenance schedule, Flow Rite will track the date each room was painted, its color codes, and scheme. It would be one less task your Facilities Manager would have to worry about and will deliver quality service to your residence.

Our Painting Portfolio

A Painting Case Study

This was a special job we did on a Historic Property in San Diego. Even though we used the same color in the end, there was a lot of effort to restore it properly. Please note the condition before, the prep work, and finally the finish.

Main House Before

Main House After


Back Apartment Before

Back Apartment After



Exterior painting takes less time than interior painting because there is less square footage to paint. Depending upon required; scraping, patching, priming, and masking (windows, doorways, and lighting), the minimum time for a 2,000 square foot home would be 5 to 7 days.

A paint project cost depends upon the size of the project and condition of the existing surfaces. These factors dictate how much "time" is spent on a project. Basically, time is the greater cost. Paint quality is also a factor to cost. Color definition and long-lasting performance defines quality paints. Flow Rite Painting prefers to use premium grade paints to protect against exterior elements and withstand interior ware-and-tear.

Normally it is not necessary to be home while a paint job is being done. That said before leaving its best to discuss particulars of the project before leaving us to the job.

Paint is made up of four basic ingredients:

  1. Binders or Resins - affects dry time and durability.
  2. Solvents - oil or water (liquid). Water-based paints dry faster, and oil-based paints dry slower but cures harder.
  3. Pigments - affects the saturation of color.
  4. Additives - the stuff that gives added quality (fungicide, mildewcides, or self-priming qualities.

The ratio and concentration of these ingredients determines paint quality. Higher quality paints have more solid; binders, pigments, and additives (mildew resistance or self-priming) with less liquids giving a richer color saturation and a longer lasting finish. Paint is applied by spraying, brushing, rolling or a combination of the three. Paint goes on in a liquid form, dries or flashes away leaving a solid finish.


Interior & Exterior Painting

Strip Malls

Interior & Exterior Painting

Office Spaces

Interior Office Painting

Assisted Living

Interior Room Painting